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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Mooncakes - Agar-agar/Konyaku

These agar2/konyaku mooncakes are complimentary from a good friend, Poon Kim Lan who sells them once a year  when the mooncake festival comes on the 15th day of  August in the Chinese calendar.  I have to blog about them because they are not only delicious but pretty.  These are not just ordinary agar2 mooncakes and come in many flavours, 12 if I am not mistaken.  I feel that she is  very innovative  in coming out with  all these beautiful flavours. The flavours that I have chosen are apple with a cake/cookie centre, yam, mango, red date with medlar seeds (kei chi), dragon fruit and cendol.  The rest of the flavours are  passion fruit, sour plum, kiwi, and chocolate.   The passion fruit and the kiwi flavours are even better and I regretted not choosing them after having tasted the mini ones at home.