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Friday, March 16, 2012

Easy and Yummy Prawns

At last I have the photo taken. This post has been in the draft folder for quite some time and I can't post it  because I do not have a photo of the dish.  My daughter happened to have taken my camera when I cooked this yummy prawns 2 months ago and I have to wait until last Sunday when I cooked this dish again.  My boss's wife taught me how to cook this prawn dish and I cannot agree more that it is simple and delicious. The ingredients are simple.  There is no exact recipe but an estimate only of the ingredients.

Some big prawns
3 tabsp of plum sauce       )
3 tabsp oyster sauce         )   mix together
1 tabsp of chilli sauce       )
2 tabsp of tomato sauce   )

1 big onion -  cut

1 tabsp. garlic - diced
1 tabsp of ginger - cut into strips

2 tabsp of dried shrimps, washed and fried (optional)

For decoration

1 fresh chilli - cut into strips
spring onion -  cut


1)    Heat the wok and put in some oil.  Put in the prawns fry them until they turn pink.  Dish out.
2)   Heat 2 tabsp. of oil in the wok.  Put in then ginger first for about 2 mins, followed by the garlic and the
      big onions.   Fry for a few mins.
3)  Pour in the mixed sauce and mix together.   Now add in the prawns and stir them until the sauce sticks to
     to the prawns and cook until done.  No need to add water.