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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Stewed Pork with squid strips

Another simple and easy to cook dish from a friend.  Tastes even better if eaten the next day.

1/2 kg  of pork belly (I used pork ribs which I found in my freezer)
some dried squid strips
1/2 knob of  garlic - chopped
1 small thumb size piece of ginger - give it a smash and cut into strips
1 tabsp sugar                               )
1 1/2 tabsp of oyster sauce          )
1 tabsp of soya sauce                  )     mix together  (A)
1 tabsp of dark soya sauce          )
enough water to cover the meat   )


1)       Put garlic, ginger and squid strips onto bottom of  pot (I used a clay pot) place the meat on top.
2)       Pour liquid (A) into the pot to cover the meat.   Stew the meat on low heat for 30 mins. 
          Turn the meat on the other side and continue for  another 30 mins. or a bit longer if necessary until
          done.   If you are using pork belly, cut up the meat before serving.

You can replace pork belly instead of ribs. Same way of cooking with the whole piece of pork belly.  Cut it up when done and pour the sauce over it.