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Monday, October 29, 2012

Tangerine (Kaat Chai) Syrup

I found another new recipe to try today.   The original recipe calls for 5 kg of  kat chai fruits and that is a lot.  I reduce the quantity and this is what I can get from 1 kg of the tangerine.  Mix a tablespoon of it  with water and it becomes a soothing and refreshing drink on a hot day.  This syrup drink is especially good for the throat.  Recipe courtesy from a colleague's future mother-in-law.

I was at the baking shop to buy some flour and I chanced upon the packet of jelly powder.  Adding this to the syrup drink would make a nice dessert.

I purposely buy this lemon squeeze to make my job easier.  Costs only RM10/- at the wet market.

Tangerine Syrup

1  kg tangerine (kaat chai) - sqeeze out the juice
500gm  rock sugar  (2 packets)
1 orange - juice only
1 lemon  - juice only

1 packet jelly (optional) -  Follow instruction as stated in the packet.


1)        Wash all the fruits and let them dry completely.
2)        Extract the juices from the fruits separately.  Do not mix them together.
3)        Boil the tangerine juice and sugar in a pot on low heat for about 1 hour. To stir the mixture until
           the texture becomes gluey (texture is something like honey).
4)       When almost done, pour  in the orange and lemon juice and continue stirring it evenly. Off fire.
5)       Let cool and store in a clean dry jar.  Serve this syrup with water or add in ice cube with the jelly.