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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Black Vinegar Pork Belly

Chinese New Year is just 2 days away and I hope this recipe  will give you another dish to cook for the festival. No oil is needed.  Just put all ingredients into the pot and stew.

I would say that it is very much milder version  of the normal black vinegar meat dish that is taken during the confinement period by  women after giving birth. Not sour at all.  Thus this is suitable for everybody.  As this is the first time I am cooking it, please make any  necessary adjustment accordingly.  There is no exact measurements of the ingredients here.  The brand of black vinegar I used is call "Hei Mi Cu" from Swee On Woh Sdn Bhd from Penang which is not found in KL but you can substitute with other brands of course.  Thanks to a nice lady who is willing to share the recipes.  

Here I wish all my relatives, dancing kakis, friends, colleagues and whoever is reading this a Very Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year 2012!

Black Vinegar Pork Belly


Black vinegar   -  1/3 bottle plus 1 bottle of water

3 tabsp oyster sauce          )      mix together and rub onto meat                              
1 tabsp soya sauce            )                                   

Pork belly  -   600 gm  (you can replace with pork ribs)
Young ginger -   2 big pieces about 12cm in length
2 big knobs of garlic -  without skin

1 small piece of rock sugar 
1 small piece of gula melaka - 1 cm thick


1)     Wash the meat.  Scrape the skin off the ginger.  You will find that scraping it with a metal spoon is
        much easier than  using the knife.   Slice them into small pieces.
2)     The original method of cooking asks for a good stainless cooking pot.  Without fire on yet, put all
         the ginger and garlic at the bottom of the pot.  Lay the piece of meat on top with skin facing up.
3)     Pour the black vinegar solution into the pot and switch on the fire.  Cook on medium heat for about
        15 mins. before lowering to low heat for another 20mins.  Turn the meat the other side.
        Add in the sugar (according to taste) and continue cooking
        for another 15 mins. and it is ready.  Cook longer if you want to have a softer texture.
       Arrange on plate and  cut the meat with the scissors when serving.