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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Enzyme - Lemon and Grapes

Enzyme 1

I was given a bottle of fruit enzyme by my good friend Josephine and after tasting it I had to make a bottle myself.  So here it is:   Lemon and grapes enzyme.  Pile a layer of grapes and lemon into a clean dry glass jar.  The fruits need to be washed and let dry beforehand. Cut grapes into halves.  Cut away the skin of the lemons together with the white pit.  Slice the lemons.   Put a layer of brown sugar on top.  I used those rectangular type of brown sugar (peen tong) that we use to make 'thong yuen' filling.  It is sold in a packet of  5 pieces. Continue the layers until you fill up the jar.  Close the lid and wait for it to ferment.  Shake the jar a bit every day to wet the top part of the fruits so that it would not go mouldy. It is ready after  3 weeks depending on how strong you want the enzyme to be.  I kept mine for more than 3 weeks and I love the taste.

3 weeks

This is how it looks after 2 weeks. 

This is after 3 weeks and ready to be consumed.  Sieve the liquid into a glass bottle and store in the fridge. Tastes better when cold.  It can be kept for a long time.  Below is the final product.

Final product


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