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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Double Boiled Egg

Made this  popular sweet dessert . We used to have it for supper during our younger days when my sister would make a big pot as we are a big family.  Never seen my sister measuring the ingredients though.   You can always steam it in small individual bowls. My youngest daughter  likes it so much that she has learnt how to make it.  The estimation would be 110 ml of liquid to 1 egg.  Use evaporated milk. Here is the recipe.

Sweet Double Boiled Egg

5  eggs -  Whisk together
120 gm rock sugar (more or less occording to individual taste)
450 gm water
100 gm evaporated milk
1 tabsp. of ginger juice (optional)

1)  Melt the rock sugar in the water.  Set aside and let it cool.
2)  Mix the whisked eggs, sugar water, evaporated milk and ginger juice.
3) Sieve the mixture and pour into small bowls.  Cover the bowls and steam under LOW heat for about 20 
    mins. or until firm.

Note:  (a)  To get ginger juice, pound the ginger and squeeze out the juice.  Use old ginger.
           (b)  You can vary the texture or firmness of the double boiled egg by reducing or increasing
                 the water.


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