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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Barley Fu Chok Tong Sui

My friends and colleagues all agreed that this is a very delicious dessert.   It tastes like soya bean water with barley and gingko. I boil this in a slow cooker for at least 5-6 hours.  Turn it to high so that the fu chok will dissolve.   Just remember to tell your grocer that you are making barley foo chook dessert and they will give you the correct type of foo chook skin.  Some foo chook skin does not dissolve at all. You can also add in hard boiled egg.

Barley Fu Chook Tong Sui

1/2 cup of barley
2 pieces of fu chok skin (add in more you want a stronger taste)
some gingko nuts   (crack them and peel off the skin. Cut into half and throw away the bitter centre piece)
rock sugar according to taste
2.2 litres of water

pandan leaves - screwpine leaves (optional)
hardboil eggs (optional)


1)        Put barley, water, fu chok, gingko nuts into the slow cooker. Switch to high and boil for at least 5-6 hours until the fu chok disintegrate into the water.  Add in sugar and it is ready to be served.

Note:  If you are cooking it in a gas cooker, I suppose an hour or so would be enough as long as the barley is cooked and the fu chok has totally disolved  into the water.

Some people like this version where the fuchok doesn't dissolve completely.  It all depends on the type of fuchok you purchase.  Notice that my boiled egg doesn't have any egg yolk in the center.


Alvin Wong said...

Wonderful dessert!!
From Visitor from Melbourne

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