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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Chilli Chicken

Having done the chilli paste on Chinese New Year eve day, I did not have the chance to cook this chicken dish until last Friday.  It is indeed delicious. Thanks to the lady who is generous enough to share this recipe with us.

The chilli paste is very fragrant and my friend suggested that the paste can be used for steaming fish.  Just scoop enough of the chilli paste onto the fish and steam.

Chilli Paste

100 gm dried chilli  -   (soak in hot water and seeds taken out)  ]
7 big red onions   -  cut into small pices                                    ]
1 bowl of small onions                                                             ]   A
2 knobs of garlic                                                                      ]
10 perut limau leaves  -  cut into small pieces                            ]
6 stalks of serai  -  (use the white part only - cut )                     ]

1 tabsp sugar

1 cup or more oil
sugar to taste
1/2 cup soya sauce
salt to taste


1)    Put all  ingredients (A) into a blender  and add some water.  Blender together into a paste.
2)    Without heat, put oil, cilli paste and 1 tabsp sugar into wok.
3)    Tun on low heat and fry the ingredients until fragrant (about an hour).  Half way through, add in
       soya sauce, salt and more sugar to taste.
4)    Store in glass jars when cooled.  Can be kept in refrigerator until needed. 

Chilli Chicken

1/2  chicken chopped into small pieces (I find that using 2 big chicken thighs is better as the meat
                                                             is more tender)

1)     Fry chicken pieces on low heat to seal the juices (about 25mins until golden brown).  Add in a few   
        garlic pieces.  Dish out and set aside.
2)     Fry  about 4 heapful tabspoon of chilli paste or more for a while  and add in the chicken pieces. 
        You can add a bit of water if too dry. Continue frying until done.  Cover the chicken and off the fire.


Try using chicken fillet.  Cut the chicken fillet into small pieces and rub some cornflour into it.  This is
to keep the chicken fillet tender.


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