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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Lor Hon Guo Herbal Drink

We have been having very hot weather and that calls for a cooling drink.   So  I made lor hon guo sweet soup as recommended by my friend Josephine. Taken  hot or put in some ice and you get a refreshing drink.  The lor hon guo cost about RM1.20 each for a small one whereas a big one would cost about RM3.00.  The lor hon guo is usually sweet (if you are unlucky you get a bitter one!).  All the ingredients can be purchased from the Chinese pharmacy shop.


2 small lor hon guo  -  wash and break into 2
a bunch of kum cho
5  candied dates (mud choe)
10 red dates
2.5  litres water

1)     Put all ingredients into the slow cooker and boil for 6 hours.  I did not have to add any extra sugar.
        ( Add sugar if you find it not sweet enough).
Note:   You can also add in dried longan to this soup.


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