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Monday, September 2, 2013

Mini Bak Won (Meat Balls)

Nice fried minced pork ball called 'Bak Won' recommended by Hokkien colleagues.  Thanks to  a colleague's mother-in-law who is a very good cook and happy to share this recipe. This meat ball  has to taste good since there are so many ingredients in it. Good for finger food.  Secure a cube of cucumber to a bak won with a toothpick and I am sure it will  be yum!

Below is an estimation of the ingredients.  The best way to gauge the taste is to deep fry one meat ball and taste it. In this way one can still either add more salt or pepper etc.... to the mixture.


300 gms  pork belly (chopped separately)
150 gms prawn meat (chopped separately)

carrot   1/3 stick           )   grated  and then give them a pulse in the electric chopper. take out & set aside
Yam     1/3 (small)        )

1 small big onion           )    chopped them in the electric chopper.
1/2 knob garlic              )

2 water chess nut   (diced)

1/2 egg

Seasoning:     salt, pepper, 2 tabsp soya sauce, 1 tabsp sesame oil,  1 tabsp rice flour
                     (I omitted the MSG)


1)    Mix all the ingredients together thoroughly until a bit gluey.  I use a pair of chopsticks.

2)    Heat up some oil in a wok.   With a  spoon, scoop a small ball of the mixture and drop it into the
       oil.  Deep fry until meat is cooked.  To have more crispy meatballs, deep fry them 2 times.


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