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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Steamed Radish Cake (Lo Pak Ko)

My mood for trying out new recipes is back and here is my Steamed Radish Cake (Lo Pak Ko) which is a favourite disk in any Dim Sum Restaurant.   It was already past mid-night when I finished steaming the Lo Pak Ko.  This morning I cut out some pieces and pan fry them for breakfast.  As usual my colleagues will get to try them too.  The Lo Pak Ko can be eaten at it is or pan fried.  I didn't follow the full recipe but it turned out well.

I noticed that quite a numbe of people viewed this lo pak ko dish and must be disappointed that the recipe is not given here.   Please visit TasteHongKong.com for this lovely recipe.


Shin Yuan said...

Thx Debbie for the Lo Pak Ko... Its really delicious.. Not enough leh...

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