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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Cutie Pots




Aren't they cute?  Pretty little pots of  daisies that can be eaten.  Made them during my class on Thursday.

I was fascinated by the beautiful and cute cakes  that I saw in those cake books and that made me sign up for a fondant cake decorating class.  Glad I did.   Now I know why these cakes are so pricey.  It takes a lot of patience to make the little flowers and leaves one by one.


Much Ado about something said...

Fondant is not easy unless you buy ready made fondant. The flowers are very pretty and realistic. If you have Food Network channel in KL, you should watch some of the Challenges and Ace of Cake series, they use fondant a lot to cover their cakes and they make amazing things out of it too.

HappyFeetMama said...

We used store bought fondant and just add the required colour. It is literally too sweet to eat and I guess only children will love them. Got to go for cake decorating books to get new ideas now.

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