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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Long Bean

Long Bean
This is my long bean plant and there is only one long bean!  Not enough even to feed one person ha!ha!  Maybe my soil is not rich enough.  I can see more flowers at the top.


gary said...

A miserable long bean..... just enough for a mouthful....haha..... Dawndee

Much Ado about something said...

One is better than none :-) but do pluck it and don't wait, otherwise it will be too old to eat. if that is the case, you can keep the seeds for replanting.

HappyFeetMama said...

Ya, you are right. By the time I wanted to pluck the longbean to use it in my fried rice, it was too old to eat already. So my fried rice dish has to be cancelled.

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