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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Logan Tau Foo Fah

Chocolate Cake

It was my husband's birthday and I make a chocolate cake, a mini cheesecake and logan agar2 all in one day.   The cake is nice but a bit hard and I should not have put the cake in the fridge.  Now I have to take out the cake for a few hours to let it soften before eating it.  I have yet to find a really good moist chocolate cake recipe.   The roses are store bought but soon I will be able to make my own as I have signed up for a class to learn how to make them.

This is a very solid cheese cake I made especially for my daughter who asked for it.  Solid in a sense that it is mainly cheese and egg which has no cream in it.  My husband got this recipe from his friend during his university days in Melbourne.  Recipe under Bistro Cheesecake.

This logan agar2 taste like soyabean jelly and it is very easy to make.  Recipe is from a colleague P K Chan's mother.  You can always make half a recipe.

Logan Tau Foo Fah

(A) Boil             a)   Agar2 - 20gm
                          b)   Pandan Leaf – a few pieces
                          c)   Water - 8 rice bowls  (2 litres)
                          d)   Sugar - 3 scoops according to sweetness

When (A) has disolved, sieve (A) into another big pot.

(B)      Add into the pot of Agar-Agar

    1. Yeo’s soya bean - 2 litres
    2. Evaporated Milk - 1 tin
    (C)     Logan - 1 tin (without juice)

    Add (A) + (B) + (C) and scoop the agar2 into cups. Put into fridge to set.


    IMG_0049 Made these with the extra batter from the chocolate cake batter.
        Little Chocolate Cupcakes


    gary said...

    Ya, sorry to comment by the look of the chocolate cake , it does look a bit hard, could it be too much flour and the chocolate surface is not well smoothen.....haha..... try again for further improvement. I think the cheese cake will taste better. Dawndee

    HappyFeetMama said...

    Yes, I should have scratched some pattern on the surface. I will have to try again. Hard though it might be, the chocolate cake was polished off by my colleagues. I have to agree with them that the chocolate ganache was yummy. Verdict for the cheesecake and logan tau foo fah ... Thumbs up!

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