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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Boiled Chinese Pear dessert

Another boiled  fruit dessert and this time is the Chinese pear.  This recipe serves two portions.  You can
also use a big green  apple  instead but have to add in some rock sugar as the green apple is a bit sour.


One big Chinese pear -  peeled and cut into cubes.  Discard the centre.
3  small candy dates or 2 big ones (Mud choe) 
400 ml water

Optional -  You can also add in a little bit of dried white fungus (suet yee).  Soak it in water. 
                  It will expand.   Cut out the top part only and discard the hard stem.


1)      Put all ingredients into the slow cooker and boil for at least  4 hours.  Serve it hot .  It is so
         refreshing when served cold on a hot day.


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