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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Har Cheong Fried Chicken

Came across this 'har cheong' sauce in the supermarket and decided to try this recipe.  I added some cornflour but it didn't turn out crispy.  Needs some improvement on this.  If I make this recipe again, I will replace the garlic with shallots.


2 chicken thighs - cut into smaller pieces
1 tabsp of chopped garlic
1 1/2  tabsp of 'har cheong'
1  1/2 tabsp of sugar
some oil


1)      Heat the oil in the wok.  Put in the garlic and fry for a while followed by the 'har cheong' on
         low fire.
2)     Continue frying the sauce for awhile.  Dish out.
3)     Marinate the chicken pieces with the sauce and sugar for at least an hour.
4)     Deep fry the chicken until cooked.


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